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Products for Healthy Living
At Aspire, your health is our primary concern. We are always on the lookout for ways to promote conscious, healthy living in our patients.  To that end, consider a the possibility of a "new you" with our physician supervised medical weight loss program, and our vitamin therapy program.  Life is to be lived well and both services are provided to help you in achieving and maintaining a truly healthy lifestyle. Aspire to live well!

Weight loss, improved health, renewed energy, and enhanced self-esteem...

At Aspire, we can make it all happen. What separates our program from every other fad diet out there is that it's clinically proven to get real results!

 On average, patients's achieved:
  --  52 lb weight loss
  -- 15% decrease in cholesterol
  -- 29% decrease in blood glucose
  -- 10% decrease in blood pressure.*

With our maintenance program, emphasizing healthy eating and daily exercise, we aim to help you retain these amazing results.  Years after completing the program, most participants kept enough weight off to improve their health in the long term.  
At Aspire we  focus on all of you, not just your weight.

For many who struggle with weight loss, being overweight or obese is not the root problem, but a mere symptom of an underlying chronic medical condition - often a hereditary one - that isn't likely to ever go away. Like diabetes, the condition will always be there and must be continually managed. Fad diets and other weight loss regimens may get rid of the weight, but unless the condition itself is addressed, it will always return. The Aspire medical weight loss program will first help you to lose the weight, then treat the latent medical problems behind the weight, and then finally give you the tools and knowledge you need to manage your health and keep the weight off for good.

We offer:
-Great tasting meal replacement diet: stimuli narrowing helps you reach weight loss goals by controlling the types and amount of food you eat.
-Medical supervision: a physician's expertise helps you lose weight safely.
-Comprehensive lifestyle education


* Based on a study of over 20,000 people who completed the program. Individual results may vary

Vitamin Therapy!At Aspire we promote the natural approach whenever possible!  Please feel free to browse the extensive listing of vitamins and nutraceuticals available for purchase at our office or online for delivery to your home! 

Dr. Mike's recommendations:
--Ultimate Antiox Full Spectrum
--CoQnol (Co-Q10)
--Vitamin D Synergy
--Twice daily Multivitamin
--OmegAvail Marine TG (fish oil)